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Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Smile makeovers allow improvement in health, function, and esthetics. With a well-designed plan from the start, the stages of treatment are engineered to deliver seamless and comfortable results for years to come. Combining science and the art of dentistry yields full function restoration and improve visual esthetics for each tooth's architecture.


​A candidate for full-mouth rehabilitation may be an individual facing multiple issues with their oral health involving the condition of their teeth, gums, and jaw, as well as a dissatisfaction with esthetics. ​​


During the past 30 years, our doctors have provided expert cosmetic restorative care and have assisted patients who desire partial and full smile makeovers. In routine collaboration with the area's top specialists, we are accustomed to addressing multiple issues at the same time. This has led to the success of choreographing results for the long-term.


139 Church Street NW

 Suite A

Vienna, VA 22180

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