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Our practice has been providing care for adults and children of all ages during the last 30 years. Within one location, we provide the convenience of entire families being able to visit for routine care, checkups and all dental needs.


Bamboo Toothbushes

Our team of hygienists have advanced training in routine care as well as periodontal therapy. We routinely screen patients for oral pathology and cancer, and can recognize problem areas before they progress.

Regular exams and care throughout the year allow for detection of cavities, bite misalignment and TMJ issues, periodontal disease, and other issues that may lead to a loss of function. Many systemic diseases can be asymptomatic but will show as signs within the mouth that are identified during routine cleaning visits.


Our professional-grade fluoride treatment in our office involves a higher concentration of fluoride than store-bought toothpaste. Routine applications can help to harden the tooth enamel for developing teeth in children as well as permanent teeth in adults.  There is scientific evidence that has proven that fluoride reduces the development of cavities, strengthens enamel while reducing overall teeth sensitivity.

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Happy Mother with her Child

Dental sealants are typically applied to the deep pits and grooves of children's developing teeth to prevent future cavities.  During this quick procedure, a thin resin is painted on the top of the teeth to seal out food and bacteria.  Dental sealants are also a great conservative option for adult patients who are typically prone to cavities. 


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